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I really should rename this the “song of the day and daily Zooey” blog, eh?

One of the saddest song ever…

My flight leaves a bit later than I thought, so here is a little bit of last second blogging. #1 — Sissy Switchblade still does not miss me. And I don’t miss her or her legion of jolly green giants. Or 99% of the assholes who inhabit Switchblade Sweeties. And Sissy still has sucky math […]

Enjoy the Sinatra while I’m gone, kiddies.

Yes, it’s Zooey time! My (overly long) vacation starts today. If you actually leave a comment, it’ll be two weeks before I can answer it.

It’s funny to see liberals get themselves in a hissy fit. When a liberal is morally outraged about something, you better believe it’s manufactured outraged and over something stupid. Over the years I’ve discovered the true definition of a liberal is somebody who cares about things no normal person does. “The brown spotted, shit smelling […]

I posted an American on Canada Day, so it only goes to reason I’d post a Canadian band on the 4th of July

Somehow a picture of a girl in an American flag bikini seemed tacky. A cartoon drawing of this, not so much. Originally found here Happy 4th, everybody!