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If the sex workers rights movement ever discovers this song they should use it as their anthem. One of the saddest sounding songs of the 90s and one of my favorites. More proof that Mary Timony is a goddess weaving a strange witchcraft through her music and voice.

She’s pointing up to her own song! Yay for a double Zooey day.

Why am I only discovering this wonderful band now?

The other bad thing about the alt rock explosion? There were some good (few, but still) glam metal bands that got thrown out with the bad ones. For every awful band like Slaughter, Trixter and Warrant [edited to add, RIP, Jani Lane] there were really great bands like Tesla, Faster Pussycat and L.A. Guns. And […]

The worst part (well, only bad thing) about the alt rock explosion of 1992 was ALL hair metal bands got the boot. Including those who weren’t hair metal at all. I’m not familiar with Enuff’z’Nuff’s discography, but I know this song is a fantastic power pop song. Perhaps the moral of the story is “never […]

It’s odd that two of my all-time favorite Big Black songs (the other being Bad Houses) are their most restrained. I got into this band for the guitar noise (and misogynistic lyrics, I love misogyny!) yet these “softer” songs keep drawing me back in the most. Both songs have an oppressively bleak and creepy atmosphere […]

I loves me some Katy Perry. I love how 80s this is. And she looks adorable in the braces and huge glasses on the single cover. I’d ménage à trois with her and Hayley Williams anyday. Ahem. On with the song…

Oh lawds, iz I’m in heaven?