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Glasses, hard nipples and short hair go together really well. I could do without the tattoo, but everything else is perfect about her, so why complain? That does it for this month’s revival of this blog. I am now on vacation for a week. Maybe when I get back in November I will start this […]

“I could be happy or in distress”

Continuing with yesterday’s tomboy theme, it’s Makoto! Or, as they said on Idolm@ster, “the girl who behaves like a boy.” Also add this to the “women in suit” thread started by Ellen Page earlier this week.

It could just be me, but this song is really dirty. And catchier than the clap. Shame Squeeze is only known for Tempted.

Yes, I love tomboys…


I will forever love Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona Flowers

Like all good indie pop, this song has a nice glaze of haze

Yeah, I’ll even bring this one back! Bus driver tells 12 year-old he should have been aborted because of Romney sign in his yard  — I’m thankful for loving liberals. Give the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize to Malala! — No argument here The Pilot Prera-Plumix Switcheroo — for the fountain pen geeks (I can’t be the […]

For the record, Paul Verlaine is overrated, but Tom Verlaine is really awesome… 

I think it’s kind of silly that boobies are considered “NSFW” material.

Stephen Malkmus is one of my musical idols, especially with Pavement. I never did think his solo work was quite up to those standards, but I really love this song. Kind of simple, but very heartfelt, which is saying something for one of indie rock’s most notorious smart-asses.

This is just plain fun… And Buck Owens and Don Rich were two great guitarists.