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This is the non-retard version of the popular bumper sticker you see on far too many cars these days. “If God made man, Sam Colt made him equal.”

For those who don’t know, Dave Schneider has an excellent page on all things literature called Cosmoetica. I first found his page when I was suffering through a Modern Poets class and fell on a bomb called Sharon Olds. His essay on Olds’ laughable attempts at poetry helped me laugh when I wanted to vomit […]

According to his accuser, Al Gore likes to get his bone on to Pink’s “Dear Mr. President.” There are some fetishes that escape me. Why feet? But Gore’s fetish cracks me up because it confirms my long held hypothesis that some far lefties can only sexually function when they’re mocking GWB, or hearing others do […]

I only wish I had created this on my own. If this was the Switchblade Sweeties web site 1,001 White Knights would be attacking me to save the honor of the “pink girl” they’re stalking.