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Yup! Until I find something I like better (not bloody likely), I’m keeping this one. Forever and ever. Ha ha ha… But, seriously, it’s the best theme I’ve found.   update: Awwww, yeah! Now that I have a more customized banner image, I think I shall keep this a good while longer. For the curious, […]

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OK, kids, I did find one kink in the change over. It seems that the RSS feed address changed when I moved the blog. So you’ll have to update your subscriptions. Of course, the irony is that those who only use RSS to read this blog will not see this message. But such is life. […]

One, two, three… Looks like everything is working. WordPress does NOT have an ensler-like tendencies it seems. I guess the real test is tomorrow, when it has to handle a queued post.