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Yeah, I’ll even bring this one back! Bus driver tells 12 year-old he should have been aborted because of Romney sign in his yard  — I’m thankful for loving liberals. Give the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize to Malala! — No argument here The Pilot Prera-Plumix Switcheroo — for the fountain pen geeks (I can’t be the […]

More mayhem and sensationalism! In jail: Zimbabwe police sergeant who dared to use Robert Mugabe’s loo Horror at the zoo: Pair of lions tear apart escaped cuddly baby bearcat in front of terrified children Detroit’s abandoned crime lab adds to a disturbing U.S. trend Man who gave trooper the finger has charge dropped Sinkhole Swallows […]

Wow, can it really have been over 3 weeks since I last posted these? Yes, it can. But I’d like to get more of these in. But it’ll have to wait until after my vacation. Bizarre street scenes out of China Metro cans French music after complaints FBI says “mullet bandit” holds up another bank […]

Let’s do this thang! Snapshots of a semester in China Montoya and Newman exchange views Al-Qaida Admits Osama’s Dead How Obesity Spreads In Social Networks Astronomers and Physicists Remain Skeptical of Long-Standing Dark Matter Claim 1st American in space honored on 50th anniversary Fans hurt after horse jumps into crowd South Korea’s “kiss apple” for […]

Looking for love in all the wrong places Stolen Superman sign returned Cuban eyes record with 268-foot cigar Sign language mistaken for gang signs Shortwave weekly propagation forecast Two views of a lopsided galaxy All Signs Point to Hidden Ocean on Saturn Moon Titan Skywatching Guide: Meteor Showers of 2011 Prosecutor: Restaurant Owners Go On […]

Hard to believe we’re in May already… Meryl Yourish says it all re: OBL Inmate hurt trying to break up fighting officers Pope John Paul II’s body exhumed ahead of beatification How Goldman Sachs Created the Food Crisis Naked man runs 3 miles through Beaver Co. Heh, Beaver University of Alaska asks students to please […]

Hey kids, almost May! I included a bit more than usual to make up for yesterday’s anemic output: Complaints end golfish racing at Wash bar Nine surprising uses for beer Lightning strikes near shuttle on launch pad NASA’s stereo planet finder 5 facts about NASA’s Voyager spacecraft Feds sting Amish farmers for selling raw milk […]

And on we go… Fayette’s sword-wielding ‘ninja’ still on the loose The myth of the moderation of Hamas Six planets now aligned in the dawn sky Atheists seek chaplain role in military Superman sign swiped in Ohio NJ residents hate new solar panels Sounds like NJ is cranky today Grocers prepare for anti-Walker stickering Until […]

Here we go again! Missing alligator returns home to nature center Police inadvertently shoot dog attack victim Fryer grease rustling rises due to oil price hikes Truck loaded with bess closes Wyoming highway Toddler rescued from washing machine Easter lark turns fatal Mystery explosion obliterates home Sledgehammer used in Mexican killings Man attacks Girls Gone […]

It’s that time again! Internet star Antoine Dodson arrested Saturday Two killed, four injured in Florida driving stunt Woman finds alligator in bedroom Easter Bunny shoot draws outrage Bullet lodged in man’s brain for 23 years $10K in marijuana sent to elderly couple by mistake Making LibreOffice blend into Ubuntu 7 natural remedies for allergies […]

It’s time again for… LINKS…OF…THE…DAY!!!! And yes, I am shouting! Weird Al gets clearance for Lady Gaga parody I hope he parodies her gay-ass album cover, too Woman accused of biting off boyfriend’s testicles And THIS is why you should never date a feminist Good Friday crucifixions in Philippines Foul play could be behind headless […]

Another long list of ’em! Uranus and Venus visible at dawn on Saturday Liar in Duke lacrosse rape hoax charged with first degree murder Coney Island gets first new roller coaster in 80 years Australian parking meetings rat you out Oh those whacky Australians Tacoma man charged in ‘bondage room’ rape Mass mall ‘gunmen’ only […]

Got a nice long list for yer today! April 29th next-to-last Shuttle launch MLB to run Dodgers The world’s most complicated Rube Goldberg Machine Shortwave weekly propagation forecast bulletin Police frees woman from jaws of python Camel meat could be next Australian export Oh those whacky Australians! German circus family in shoot-out over tent space […]

I apologize folks. I’ve been sick the past week or so and haven’t felt like looking for links. Which is to say, it’s been difficult to post links to news stories that Daily Rotten has already posted. Yeah… Anyway, for better or worse I plan to post a bunch of links tomorrow.