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In retrospect

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…from two months into the future:  maybe going anon wasn’t the greatest idea ever. But it was an idea. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry. If you do, or think you do, give me a holler. You have a week.

And this is a test of the new server’s set up. I shall return in December with more music and pictures!

The usual disclaimer applies (you should know this by now)… I didn’t draw these, found them on /c/, etc, etc…

Prior warning

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Just so you know, sometime tomorrow I will transfer this site to a new server. This means it will be offline for a short period of time. Or, maybe longer if WordPress is an ensler about it. But, fear not, for we shall be back soon with more catgirls and youtube videos.

Never Forget

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I present ACTA Potential border searches are covered by the “Border Measures” proposal of ACTA. As of February 2009, and according to University of Ottawa law professor Michael Geist, there is significant disagreement among countries on this topic: “Some countries are seeking the minimum rules, the removal of certain clauses, and a specific provision to […]

Most of you know my problems with PETA. They are vast and numerous, but sometimes you just have to put aside your differences for a common cause. PETA is offering a reward for anybody who can identify a sick bitch who killed a litter of puppies and posted the video online. I didn’t bother watching […]

Should Obama and Grandma Botox get their way, this is what we’re headed for. Suffering from brain cancer, Kent Pankow was literally forced to go to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. for lifesaving surgery — at a cost to family and friends of $106,000 — after the health-care system in Alberta left him hanging […]

I am writing to you from the year 2000. A man came up to me today and offered me a ride in a time machine. I could either go 10 years into the future, or 100 years into the past. What should I choose? Anyway, the year 2000 is pretty darn good. This new fangled […]