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When I heard this band’s name, I didn’t want to like them. Small Black? Really? Why not Giant Black or Just Right Black? But I heard this song and fell in love with it. Even if they ripped off their name from the greatest band evah, I can forgive them when they make beautiful music […]

This song (and video) makes me wonder if somebody spiked my drink, but in a good way. I love Eno’s ambient stuff, but often overlook the rock stuff he did back in the 70s. If Discreet Music is what I listen to to decompress after a long day, this is what I listen to get […]

A New Wave classic by Oingo Boingo with a great music video made of Azumanga Daioh clips. It’s hilarious in a horribly wrong way, but most of Mr. Kimura’s interactions with his students would get him arrested IRL, so… yeah… Setting aside the fact the song is about jailbait (or an old guy dating a […]

Dino Jr’s cover of the Flying Burrito Brothers classic.

More music from the 90s North Carolina indie rock scene.

It’s funny, the line “kill the billion years of total frustration” was always rendered by me as “kill the five years” “six years” “seven years” etc, at the beginning of each Pirates season. Funny to look back now and think seven straight losing seasons was so horrible. Oh, if only it lasted that long. Of […]