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Mark E Smith is my Bob Dylan. Can’t believe this (and yesterday) are the first two Fall songs I’ve posted here.

I always heard of .45 Grave, but this is my first time hearing them. From what I can tell they’re usually more punk influenced, but this song (and video) has me rolling, so it gets todays’ spot: Who said Goths don’t have a sense of humor?

I am so crushing on this girl it ain’t funny. It’s a nice to see a ginger who appreciates her freckles. I loves me some girls with freckles. Oh, and this is my first time hearing of rat king. Let me google… and… eh, I’ve seen worse. Much worse.

Woot! The entire ten minute song in one video.

I was back on the old campus this evening for a special meeting. I was immediately struck by two things: 1) It looks like the university FINALLY hired a landscaper that could get the grass to grow right. No patches of brown anywhere to be seen, and so thick and luxurious! 2) The English teachers […]

Oh yeah!

New Wave classic

Technically this isn’t music or a song, I guess… but I really love what the Conet Project did. And you can get this stuff for free from the Internet Archive. see here. Irdial has some other goodies as well. I highly recommend the Mimi Magjick stuff. It’s actual music, btw.

I think this was one of those “sell out” records where GBV used an 8 track recording studio instead of a 4 track. Or something like that. Sounds lo-fi to me. And sounds really great.

Here is a classic from Sparklehorse. A Cracker cover. RIP, Mr Linkous.