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According to his accuser, Al Gore likes to get his bone on to Pink’s “Dear Mr. President.” There are some fetishes that escape me. Why feet? But Gore’s fetish cracks me up because it confirms my long held hypothesis that some far lefties can only sexually function when they’re mocking GWB, or hearing others do […]

I’m unearthing this gem for all to hear. Personally I liked this a whole lot better than Zero (the a-side).

The ever adorable Ellen Page…

I posted the new song by these guys last week, so I thought I’d post one of my favorite songs from their first album. I’m not sure if this song is meant to be taken literally (ie — the word “sister”) but if so, it’s the sweetest sounding song about incest ever written. So much […]

Proof that female body builders can be hot.

It’s Katy Perry time again!

For those who wonder why intelligent small business owners vote Republican, I present the eternal wisdom of Joe Biden: Joe, everybody KNOWS that’s what Dems really think of the little guy, but you’re not suppose to say it out loud.

Ah, the final (for now) Rose Melberg song. If you didn’t notice, she sang lead for Go Sailor, Tiger Trap, the Softies, and Rose Melberg (natch).

I’m not sure who she is. But she’s hot, has red hair and is in lingerie. Does it matter?

Some cosplay fun, GI Joe style. Even as a young boy I really loved Baroness. Must have been the bad girl thing. Or the glasses. Or…

God, I really, really miss the 90s. In more ways than one.

I didn’t really plan on having a “booty” theme this week, it just kind of happened that way. Jennifer Lamiraqui makes me want to learn French.