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A one off. I had an ever so slightly naughty dream about Zooey Deschanel last night [TV14, maybe even TVPG] so I thought I’d post her.




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It’s almost 2013 and I thought I’d gift everybody with free (legal) music!

Of course, Rural Citizens Band is always free and I’m always making new music. La Teodicea di Odio and Paesaggio da Sogno are our latest two albums and you can download them in FLAC and mp3 completely free of charge.

I’ve also been buying a goodly amount of music from Bandcamp. The following are some interesting drone, ambient, dark ambient, post-rock, dream pop, etc bands I’ve been enjoying. These albums are either completely free to download, or “name your own price” which allows you to buy them for free. I personally give these bands at least a couple of dollars for each release, but if you want to download them for free, you’re more than welcomed.

NB — I have no affiliation with any of these bands, I’m just a fan of the music.

Lowercase Noises — Vivian

Lowercase Noises — Marshall

Lowercase Noises — Ambient Songs

The Living Sleep — Losing Today

The American Dollar — Free Winter 2012 Ambient Compilation

Zero Bedroom Apartment — Free 6 Track Sampler ep

UUUUUU  — Prescient

UUUUUU — robe./UUUUUU split

UUUUUU —the astral travels

EUS, Postdrome & Saaad — Sustained Layers

Eluder — Warm Warning

Eluder — Drift

And best of all, you can stream each of these albums for free. Each link has tags for genres, so you can do your own exploring. And there are many, many other genres of music as well. Personally I think Bandcamp is one of the best things to happen to indie music. I’m even thinking of having pages for RCB albums there in the future (don’t worry, Shadows isn’t going anywhere).

The name your own price thing is one of the best ideas I’ve seen. Most albums on Bandcamp have a set minimum price, but all the ones above can be downloaded completely free if you so choose.











A little winter cheer from Japan! I can credit a weeaboo acquaintance for helping me find this song. J-pop girls are so much cuter and hotter than their American and British counterparts. 

Click to embiggen the first one:



Yes, Zooey again! Despite her love of gun control, I can’t hate her too much. In fact, I’d be quite happy to find her under my Christmas tree next year, because she wasn’t there this year.

Anyway, Merry Christmas, everybody!



Who else would I post for Christmas music?