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Kids, I remember the alternative revolution of the early 90s. For the record I didn’t like Nirvana all that well until I heard “Come As You Are.” In fact, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” sounded like mush to me. Yes, I was a poser, I guess. The whole scene was pretty damn great, but not really […]

I don’t remember this video from back in the day. I used to either record or watch 120 Minutes every week. Not a shock. MTV played some great video on that show, but The Jesus Lizard was probably a bit too much even for 120. Thankfully somebody on YouTube remedied the situation. There is also […]

MGMT releases a new album in a week or two, so it’s only appropriate to post this gem from their debut: Yeah, the video caused controversy last year, but it is a piece of art. As a bonus track, here is Katy Perry’s excellent cover of Electric Feel I actually like this cover better than […]

I’m a sucker for a redhead, especially one that can sing.

OK, enough with the gentle stuff. Here is a blast of noise from Steve Albini’s best band Big Black. Somehow I always pictured Flannery O’Connor would have written things like this had she been born 30 years later and grew up in Montana. It’s hard not to smile at these lyrics, the images are so […]

For those who don’t know, yuri is Japanese for lilly. But what it really means is “womanly love,” or as we Americans like to say, “hot girl-on-girl action.”

One of those great epic tracks. The only problem with DCFC is they got too overplayed. At least the singles. Signing to Atlantic pretty much put them out of favor with the Indie Rock Pete-types, but they didn’t really need those people in their audience anyway. Ironically, this song is from one of their indie […]

…that Jeff Goldstein studied under Brian Kiteley. In general I find certain segments of academics to be an exercise in group masturbation. The worst offender was literary criticism. Not so much the study itself, but the way the radical feminist who taught it. But to cut a long story short – Victimology 101. The women […]

So, she’s married to a douche bag. A talented douche bag, but a douche bag none the less. And, she’s kind of sanctimonious, but really, who doesn’t want Angelina Jolie? I sense a pattern. In fact, I’m calling that last one “subtlety is what I aim for”

One of the unsung band of the 90s. Sold as a shoegaze band, but I always thought they had a lot more in common with Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth and a healthy dose of MC 5. Why this band never hit it huge in America, I’ll never know. OK, I do, bad marketing. I’ll take […]

I really need to start watching Mad Men (or catch up on it, rather). I keep hearing so many good things about it, but a big reason has to be to see Christina Hendricks. In the age where Hollywood women are so tiny, it’s nice to see a girl with some curves. Especially one who […]

One of the most beautiful pieces of music I’ve ever heard. The last song on Eno’s Music for Airports and one of his best. If I could, I’d probably turn this category into all Eno, all the time, but I won’t. The four albums in the ambient series, along with Discreet Music and Apollo — […]

Holy shit, I almost forgot this! I almost feel like I’m repeating myself here because Katy Perry kind of looks familiar, no? Maybe, kinda, sorta.

This song sounds so weird out of context. Really, to get the full effect you should listen to Bad Moon Rising. The first seven songs are one long suite and make for great nighttime listening. Though rarely considered as such, this is some of my favorite ambient guitar music.