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SST Records week continues with Black Flag!

I posted one of Grant’s songs last week, so here is one of Bob’s best. When they were still more of a hardcore punk band. I love the Huskers, no matter what sound they had.

Yesterday I posted fIREHOSE, today I post Watt’s first band, The Minutemen. Mike Watt is the greatest rock bassist ever and The Minutemen were such an amazing band. And this video is proof that they at least had a sense of humor. You can’t say that about all punk bands, then or now.

Given the time of its release (1986) and the members’ leftist sympathies, I’m sure this song is a slam on President Reagan, but I’d argue it’s even more applicable to certain other leaders in 2010. “Barry. There are doubts…”

One of my favorite Billy Joel song, minus the gay video.

I discovered this song completely by accident a few days ago. Ist good. I detect a Dino Jr influence on the vocals and guitars.

Yup. Another Grant Hart song. This is rates as one of my favorite Husker Du songs.

This is from Grant Hart’s solo debut, Intolerance.

The unsung hero of Husker Du. Grant Hart supposedly derailed his career through his vices, but most geniuses do. Shame, because Foo Fighters apaed this sound and made millions. Why can’t Grant get some respect?

This is a really good song, yet somehow I prefer the coda. But it’s a great song because… no Blake! A wise man once said “The less the Blake the better the Rilo Kiley song.” Amen and amen.

From their days as an ambient band. I wish they’d make another album like this… Reposted because the original one I posted was deleted. The perils of doing these things a week ahead of time.