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Or maybe until next year. I still want to take a couple of business courses and an astronomy course. It’s the only science that interests me. But thank God I’ll never have to set foot in the lang and lit department ever again. That place gives me the creeps. All the Marxist and Feminist zombies […]

My god, what have I done?!?

Yes, I’m counting 13 days down, since 13 is my lucky number. In 13 days I will go back to college. I am both excited and frightened by it. More frightened by the parking than anything else, but also frightened by the encroaching stupid. Not that I don’t have to deal with another kind of […]

My flight leaves a bit later than I thought, so here is a little bit of last second blogging. #1 — Sissy Switchblade still does not miss me. And I don’t miss her or her legion of jolly green giants. Or 99% of the assholes who inhabit Switchblade Sweeties. And Sissy still has sucky math […]