Yes, I’m counting 13 days down, since 13 is my lucky number.

In 13 days I will go back to college. I am both excited and frightened by it. More frightened by the parking than anything else, but also frightened by the encroaching stupid. Not that I don’t have to deal with another kind of stupid at work, but I digress.

I will finally learn about computer networking and that goes along with it. And I might even get some kind of Cisco certification. Which sounds a bit much for an intro class, but it was one of the surcharges that the university put on my bill, so I better get it.

Also, I’ll take a course in Italian. I’m actually looking forward to this more than the computer course. I’ve been obsessed with Italian culture (OK, food and movies) for a while now. I always loved looking up old Italian horror films on IMDB and seeing the original Italian title. “Paura nella città dei morti viventi” is a much cooler title than “City of the Living Dead.”

Right now, all I can say is “buongiorno” which I learned from Brak back in 1997. Lately I’ve been especially annoying by saying “Hey, buongiorno everybody!” when I enter a room. Oh, and I like to shout “vaffanculo” at the scanner when I get a paper jam, but that one isn’t much good unless I want to start a fight, which I don’t.

My dream is to make this blog bilingual, or trilingual if I can get the hang of Spanish as well, but I can barely speak English, so that might be a bit above my pay grade.