My flight leaves a bit later than I thought, so here is a little bit of last second blogging.

#1 — Sissy Switchblade still does not miss me. And I don’t miss her or her legion of jolly green giants. Or 99% of the assholes who inhabit Switchblade Sweeties. And Sissy still has sucky math skills. $29 is not half off $48. Even a math dunce like me knows that.

#2 — I share Darleen’s skepticism on The Atlantic’s series The End of Men. It leads me to wonder if feminists with male children actually believe what they say. Lesbian or straight, they all preach from the same Bible. Do they really teach their sons about men being worthless and pointless and unnecessary? Or is that classroom bluster for the pseuds?

I honestly can’t imagine a leftist feminist woman being kind and loving towards her son. At least not if he’s straight and has a halfway functioning libido. And I have good reason to believe as such. It would be a really interesting study to see how many male serial killers had radical feminist mommies. That isn’t to say a serial killer should be exonerated for having a crappy childhood, only that radical feminism helps to perpetuate misogyny.

Also, where are the real men today? I don’t see many Bogarts or John Waynes or Clint Eastwoods among the current pack of men. A group mostly raised by single women. Will this trend continue? Get worse? Is the lifelong goal of an androgynous society here? And if so, will feminist and queer theorists finally stop bitching for a day? HA! Good one, Ratan. You so funny, dude.