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I loves me some Katy Perry. I love how 80s this is. And she looks adorable in the braces and huge glasses on the single cover. I’d ménage à trois with her and Hayley Williams anyday. Ahem. On with the song…

It’s Katy Perry time again!

AKA, it’s boner popping time, with Katy Perry. It looks Photoshopped, but I found it on her official page. Still doesn’t mean it’s not photoshopped, but damn it, I’m saying it’s her anyway.

Forgive the fan made video. Nothing wrong with it, it’s just… bright. Sadly the official music video has “embedding disabled by request.” EMI, in their infinite knowledge, is still being dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. When will they learn that YouTube increases sales? And if you allow YouTube to host it at […]

MGMT releases a new album in a week or two, so it’s only appropriate to post this gem from their debut: Yeah, the video caused controversy last year, but it is a piece of art. As a bonus track, here is Katy Perry’s excellent cover of Electric Feel I actually like this cover better than […]

Holy shit, I almost forgot this! I almost feel like I’m repeating myself here because Katy Perry kind of looks familiar, no? Maybe, kinda, sorta.