It’s funny to see liberals get themselves in a hissy fit. When a liberal is morally outraged about something, you better believe it’s manufactured outraged and over something stupid. Over the years I’ve discovered the true definition of a liberal is somebody who cares about things no normal person does. “The brown spotted, shit smelling algae before clean, hydro-electric power plants!” for an example. Or “guaranteed to be 100% organic” as if 99.97% organic will be the end of the world. “FOR TEH CHILDREN!” Because anything less than organic will kill them.

The religious left is in overdrive this weekend. The evil July 4th holiday falls on the same day as Sunday. It’s funny to read sanctimonious screeds about “the dangers of nationalism” and “serving two masters” as if those who fly the flag today are serving the flag, country and God at the same time. Only a liberal elitist could even see an issue. The only time liberals want to embrace the Bible is when they can use it to shit on their country.

Of course I’m not amused. Who do they think gave them the right to worship as they wish? It certainly wasn’t their limp wrist pacifist pastor, that’s for damn sure. The modern day left has this delusion that all of their rights were won by activist judges over the years. Or think the only way to defeat the terrorists is to surrender to them. “If only we’d give up our delusions of god and country and embrace THEIR god and country, everything will be all right.”

Also, I have to add… those so enamored with the “Coexist” bumper sticker should probably try to hold a Christian worship service in Iran. Or more appropriately, an Atheist one. Tell the people there to defy the Iranian flag (“for teh good of socialist Jesus!”) and see where it gets you. I’m serious. For the good of humanity, try it!

Of course, it’s not only the religious left that is full of stupid this weekend. The secular left is just as bad, only without the lulzy “American flags make baby Jesus cry” element. I will not link to it directly, but phony historian Howard Zinn wrote a piece over 9000 years ago that the left is still mindlessly reproducing each July 4th. Google “Put away the flags” for instant ipecac.