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Yeah, another PETA babe. Didn’t Butters (of South Park fame) want to use Khloe’s Kardashian’s butt for a pillow? That kid has all the right ideas…

Once upon a time I thought PETA was the worst scourge on earth. Sometimes I still do. But one good thing they do is annoy feminists. Or, rather, the feminists who constantly whine about “ZOMG, straight men might find that attractive!” This earns them all kinds of karma points in my book. So, with that […]

I assume Lacey Von Erich is related to the famous wrestling Von Erichs? I’m so out of the current crop of wrestlers I have no idea. Not that it really matters… 😉 Slightly NSFW, so pics are under the fold (giggity).

Another side of Laraaji. The Dance side was more manic, so naturally The Meditation side is calmer and more ambient-like.

This is another of the songs that got me into ambient music, though I’m not sure it really fits the genre. Laraaji was homeless when Brian Eno discovered him. Or so the legend goes. This song (and the entire album) is Eno’s production applied to hammer dulcimers and zithers. Amazing.

This guy gets it. Another reason I’m increasingly libertarian all the time.

I just discovered that one of my favorite songs of last year has a video. A very funny video at that.

Probably the greatest voice in rock history…