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Most of you know my problems with PETA. They are vast and numerous, but sometimes you just have to put aside your differences for a common cause. PETA is offering a reward for anybody who can identify a sick bitch who killed a litter of puppies and posted the video online. I didn’t bother watching […]

Yeah, another PETA babe. Didn’t Butters (of South Park fame) want to use Khloe’s Kardashian’s butt for a pillow? That kid has all the right ideas…

Once upon a time I thought PETA was the worst scourge on earth. Sometimes I still do. But one good thing they do is annoy feminists. Or, rather, the feminists who constantly whine about “ZOMG, straight men might find that attractive!” This earns them all kinds of karma points in my book. So, with that […]