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Proof that some of the Furs latter day stuff was just as good as the early material.

I think I shall go see Scott Pilgrim vs The World today. I love the comic and it has this young woman in it:

How are progressives promoting their cause? through stupid t-shirts, of course! Che is no longer selling so now we have “F*ck Tea” shirts. the Agenda Project, a new, progressive group with roots in New York’s fundraising scene and a goal of strengthening the progressive movement, has launched the “F*ck Tea” project, which is aimed, the […]

yeah, kids, it’s like that…

I’ll take her for my birthday present. Well, the way she looked back in the 60s, anyway. 😉

Yes, I’m counting 13 days down, since 13 is my lucky number. In 13 days I will go back to college. I am both excited and frightened by it. More frightened by the parking than anything else, but also frightened by the encroaching stupid. Not that I don’t have to deal with another kind of […]