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Yes, another beautiful ballad by Pavement. While I do prefer the lo-fi noise pop of early days, the older I get the more I appreciate this kind of stuff. 

Yes, Pavement, again. Another beautiful ballad from Wowee Zowee.

Yes, I missed a couple of days in there. It’s funny how a band that started off as a lo-fi noise pop band morphed into the 90s best balladeers. Of course their fans (and probably the band) would have scoffed at such a distinction, but it’s true. This song is truly beautiful, and Wowee Zowee […]

Pavement’s finest moment. And, I’d argue, early 90s indie rock’s second finest moment, second only to Yo La Tengo’s Blue Line Swinger. So there.

Didn’t I post this before? Well, if so, it’s good enough to post twice. And I might repeat a few more before we’re over with.

Stephen Malkmus was kind of an Allen Ginsberg for the 90s. Ginzy minus the gross gay sex poems and annoying Vietnam references. But like Ginzy he came up with a lot of great lines that knock you over. “In The City We Forgot To Name” might be the name of the upcoming Las Almejas novel […]

Pavement ist (still) rad.