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I’ve never done drugs, but I can nearly smell the LSD wafting off this song. Does LSD have a smell? Oh well, I can smell it anyhow. Really great song, this.


I wanted to include something by Belly, but thanks to Warner Brothers I can’t. Stupid “embedding disabled by request” But hey, here’s another great Tanya Donnelley moment: And as a bonus, a song from the same album sang by Kristin Hersh.

Yeah, yeah, I know… I’m one opinion of million. I’m sure everybody talked about this at work (at least everybody stateside). By now we know MLB will not review the call, and I am glad. Don’t get me wrong. The emotional part of me wants MLB to overturn the lousy call and give Galarraga his […]

Ah, a song from 1995, the year I graduated high school. Also my first full year on the internet. I always dug 90s chick rock. Funny fact about this band — the first time I was ever flamed online was because I misspelled their name. It’s a crime, ya know. It wasn’t my most embarrassing […]

Does anybody remember Hum? This is the lead off track from their very rare first album. Of course, with the internet, nothing is rare anymore. You can’t get this on iTunes, but there are places where you can find it. Or so I’ve heard.