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More twee pop of the 90s. I’m hoping to implant some ear bugs this week.

I didn’t realize Hayley got her septum pierced. I’m digging the big glasses. And I’ll just leave this here…

I love Dressy Bessy. This was the first song I heard by them. I liked them a lot better when they were still “twee as fuck”

Season 3 of Buffy was my favorite because of this lady. I always liked Faith more than Buffy. And I was one of those fanboy “shippers” who wanted Faith and Buffy to be a couple. But anyway…

Despite being a bunch of no good, French, Marxist commies, I really, really love Stereolab. I couldn’t understand WTF Laetitia said half the time anyway, and the other half of the time she was speaking French. Here’s an old one, but one of the best:

Well, not eye candy in the traditional sense, but something really cute. This is why animation is so cool. Why the catgirl has two tails, I don’t know, but it adds to the humor and cuteness of the image.

Peter Hook should be knighted for his excellent bass work.

Another NSFW for y’all. I guess Kayleigh Pearson is a British bird, I don’t know, I just found her on 4chan and was enchanted by her obvious talents.


AKA, it’s boner popping time, with Katy Perry. It looks Photoshopped, but I found it on her official page. Still doesn’t mean it’s not photoshopped, but damn it, I’m saying it’s her anyway.

Can’t wait for the new album to come out. I’m a sucker for jangly, hazy pop songs.

As the title says, not safe for work. Unless you work in a really cool workplace. Of course, when today’s eye candy is the classic Bettie Page, your boss should make an exception. I think 50-some years now turns smut to art, yes? And Bettie was always art. Anyway, pics below the fold.

Neo-shoegazer goodness from Baltimore.