Yeah, yeah, I know… I’m one opinion of million. I’m sure everybody talked about this at work (at least everybody stateside). By now we know MLB will not review the call, and I am glad.

Don’t get me wrong. The emotional part of me wants MLB to overturn the lousy call and give Galarraga his perfect game. He truly pitched it and it’s unfair he isn’t getting official credit for it.

The logical side says MLB did the right thing. If MLB caved and overturned the call it’d make for really bad precedent. How many other bad calls would they have to review? Why not go back to the 1985 World Series and overturn that other notorious blown call? It sucks for Galarraga, but MLB has to stand firm.

NOW… I’ll also add that MLB also has to add instant replay, otherwise all of this is in vain. Instant replay should have been added years ago, but now with this great injustice, too many people will be calling for it for MLB to ignore.

Lastly, and it has to be said, IT IS ONLY A GAME. Yes, it sucks for Galarraga, but this is minor in the grand scheme of things. As long as diabetes, cancer and AIDS kill untold amounts of people around the globe, I’m gonna find it hard to think too much about this beyond today. Or even last night.

Detroit is not my team, and if this happened to a Pirates or Dodgers player I might be more upset, but I’d hope to get over it and get on with my life. Galarraga and Joyce already have, so should the rest of us.