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Here I go again, offering you guys twice the amount of links to make up for yesterday’s oversight… New app calculates calories through photos of food Woman devalues Chinese vase with hammer TV show goes off air over crying child Actor dies 5 times in 24 hours Romney rips off campaign slogan from John Kerry […]

Maine school district buys iPad 2s for every kindergardener I need to go back to K-5… Ohio voters get ponchos to cover school gear High school secretary fired for moonlighting in porn movie And this was in Quebec! No more talk about prudish Americans from you Canadians, OK? Earth to get very close look at […]

And now… the news! Deer stands guard over goose nest in cemetery 3 rodeo bulls make run through Idaho town Self immolator dies 75 year old Armenian cuts off net access Hiccup Girl’s Satanic turn Man delivers corpse to hospital Raikkonen fast in truck test Update on new Aussie shortwave station Ubuntu Natty release countdown […]

Sorry about yesterday. I could have sworn that I made up a list, but I didn’t. I must have dreamt it… Raikkonen enjoys first NASCAR test 100 classic Atari games for iPad Awe inspiring view of the Milky Way Bias? What anti-Israel bias? Miley Cyrus doll quickly sells out Maine legalizes switchblades for one-armed people […]

Georgia preacher does motorcycle stunt for Jesus Invasion of the body snatching algae I smell a movie series! Three lifelike humanoids sit down for chat with human counterparts This is kind of creepy Now is the time for observing Saturn in the night sky DuckDuckGo a totally anonymous search engine Spring, When a Young Man’s […]

Yup, it’s that time again! Elderly man stabs neighbor in fight over cats Duke LaCrosse liar charged in stabbing Kick starting the joy of astronomy Too real means too creepy at the movies Woman attacks ‘evil’ painting Texas set to use new death penalty drug Crews facing 100-year battle at Fukushima Drug runner’s super subs […]

Your daily dose of links and things from around the ‘net: Firefox 5 preview Q&A on Raikkonen deal Texas burger joint, “Fat Ho” draws big crowds Rihanna’s kinky sex life April Fool’s prank costs teen $150 Big Dipper’s stars pour on the Shine in northern sky Finding the failed supernovae Death, taxes and union dues? […]

Well, I’m doing this for at least one more day. Man arrested after escaping jail with fake fax Man dumps semen at TV station in protest of women’s shows Man sodomizes man with tree branch Mob kills 7 U.N. workers in Afghanistan Limb at Dollymount ID’ed as rapist’s arm Teenage cyclist who almost died after […]

I hasten to call this “Links of the Day” because it suggests I will be doing it every day, ala Song and Eye Candy of the Day. This might happen, it might not. I guess we’ll find out Sunday morning… I did this the evening of the 1st, so I apologize if any of these […]