Sorry about yesterday. I could have sworn that I made up a list, but I didn’t. I must have dreamt it…

Raikkonen enjoys first NASCAR test
100 classic Atari games for iPad
Awe inspiring view of the Milky Way
Bias? What anti-Israel bias?
Miley Cyrus doll quickly sells out
Maine legalizes switchblades for one-armed people
Man accused of using vacuum to steal coins
Friday the most popular day for bank robberies
Man murders wife, shows her parents the body on web cam
Cop faces porn charge for broadcasting couple on CCTV
Pakistani brothers dig up corpse and make it into a curry
Australian cannibal found guilty of murdering flatmate
LAPD tears down house to get suspect
Ubuntu test drive allows you try out programs without installing them
Gnome 3 released

Yup, I posted more than usual to make up for yesterday. And, until tomorrow (unless I forget again!)