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Holy shit, I almost forgot this! I almost feel like I’m repeating myself here because Katy Perry kind of looks familiar, no? Maybe, kinda, sorta.

As if I could choose anything else. The new She & Him album came out today, and Amazon delivered (as usual) the day of the release. I am giving it my first listen right now (I was good and didn’t download it illegally even though I pre-ordered it a few months ago), and it’s really, […]

Let’s see… a hot, brainy redhead who loves to blow up shit? I think Kari Byron is a great candidate for Mrs. Ratan X.

Because I spend too much time reading webcomics. Yes, it’s true. Here are two very funny entries in the sexy comedy genre that I recently discovered: I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space And another lesbian pirate adventure called Boobs Ahoy. Both are as campy and funny as you’d expect. Neither are porn, […]