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One of Smashing Pumpkins weak points was Billy Corgan’s tendency to be melodramatic. Thankfully this is NOT one of those moments. Actually, Gish was pretty free of that kinda thing, but Disarm keeps Siamese Dream from being perfect. Anyway, Snail is one of my all-time favorite songs. I’d highly recommend you go out and buy […]

As always, the same standard disclaimer applies. I didn’t draw these, found them on /c/, etc, etc… I’m trying to get her to play on the next RCB album. Click to embiggen

Let’s do this thang! Snapshots of a semester in China Montoya and Newman exchange views Al-Qaida Admits Osama‚Äôs Dead How Obesity Spreads In Social Networks Astronomers and Physicists Remain Skeptical of Long-Standing Dark Matter Claim 1st American in space honored on 50th anniversary Fans hurt after horse jumps into crowd South Korea’s “kiss apple” for […]