Let’s do this thang!

Snapshots of a semester in China
Montoya and Newman exchange views
Al-Qaida Admits Osama’s Dead
How Obesity Spreads In Social Networks
Astronomers and Physicists Remain Skeptical of Long-Standing Dark Matter Claim
1st American in space honored on 50th anniversary
Fans hurt after horse jumps into crowd
South Korea’s “kiss apple” for better breath, dating pleasure
Mars Crater Named After Historic Freedom 7 Spacecraft
China is Potential Partner in Future Mars Exploration
New Yorker thinks cops want him, jumps into Hudson River
Michael Cooks Accused Of Breaking Into Home, Devouring Raw Chicken In The Nude
Man Without Arms Paints With His Mouth And Feet

You probably notice a distinct lack of stories dealing with rape, cannibalism and the like. Well, as of Friday night, Daily Rotten’s server is down. I hope this is only a temporary thing, because “links of the day” without the Daily Rotten would be very boring indeed.

Well, until next time!