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Siamese Dream is probably their best album start to finish (though Gish is still my favorite), but Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness is their most impressive. It has a few dud tracks here and there, but releasing a double cd prog rock set (yeah, I said it!) in 1995 was a bit of a […]

One of Smashing Pumpkins weak points was Billy Corgan’s tendency to be melodramatic. Thankfully this is NOT one of those moments. Actually, Gish was pretty free of that kinda thing, but Disarm keeps Siamese Dream from being perfect. Anyway, Snail is one of my all-time favorite songs. I’d highly recommend you go out and buy […]

Yup, another Smashing Pumpkins epic. I originally wanted to post Porcelina of Vast Oceans, but the person who made a video for it disabled embedding (grumble) and even worse, other videos had edited versions of the song. What the duck? But no worries. This is a highlight of Siamese Dream if not THE highlight. In […]

The band with the best guitarist of the 90s and the most assholish fans (yes, worse than limp bizkit, but don’t hold that against them). Their recent stuff sounds like Pro Tools karaoke, but there is no denying their first four albums (that’s including Pisces Iscariot NOT Adore) was some of the best music of […]

I’m unearthing this gem for all to hear. Personally I liked this a whole lot better than Zero (the a-side).