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The band with the best guitarist of the 90s and the most assholish fans (yes, worse than limp bizkit, but don’t hold that against them). Their recent stuff sounds like Pro Tools karaoke, but there is no denying their first four albums (that’s including Pisces Iscariot NOT Adore) was some of the best music of […]

Velma cosplay doesn’t get enough props. Dear God, she’s cute…

In honor of Canada banning the uncensored version from radio here is the full-length, uncensored version of Dire Strait’s “Money For Nothing.” The song that was originally supposed to be will be posted on February 1st. Yes, I post that far in advanced. Yes, I have no life. And, no, I won’t tell you in […]

How is it possible that I’m only posting this now? One of the greatest songs ever written. Somehow I imagine every time period of the world has had a song like this. Sounds simple, but extremely well written and executed. That is the mark of a true work of art.

The septum piercing is a bit much, but she’s still cute.