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As much as I love Crystal Castles, I would love them even more if they did more songs like this. The ear shredding noise might be nice for some, but I really love their ambient dream pop side better… 

Can I have Robin Guthire’s guitar tone, please? i’ll buy that Fender off of him for a hundred bucks. Actually, I’d pay more than that, but the offer is out there, Mr. Guthrie… 

Yes, Pavement, again. Another beautiful ballad from Wowee Zowee.

This is why ambient music is so magical.

One problem with modern country is it has lost its undercurrent of darkness. This song is 20 years old so it’s hardly new, but I remember being stuck as a youngster how much darker it is than most of what was on the radio back then.

The 90s best garage rock/punk band, New Bomb Turks!

I would probably be too obvious to post “The Mississippi Squirrel Revival” on a Sunday morning, so instead I’ll post this one. I loves me some Ray Stevens

Yes, I missed a couple of days in there. It’s funny how a band that started off as a lo-fi noise pop band morphed into the 90s best balladeers. Of course their fans (and probably the band) would have scoffed at such a distinction, but it’s true. This song is truly beautiful, and Wowee Zowee […]

One of 2012’s best songs and… most… interesting videos

While we’re on Nashville, here is another great song from that movie.  This one isn’t quite as over the top as the Haven Hamilton song, but it still works both as a straight country song and satire.