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I was hoping to see Laredo this year, but I’ll be many hundreds of miles away. Just as well. With its legend, I assumed it was a ghost town, but it appears to have about 300,000 people (600,000 in its “metro” area). Damn, son…

I could probably do an entire month of Johnny Cash gun songs alone. But hell, it’s Johnny Cash! You can’t have too much Cash. And I swear to God I didn’t choose this song for Valentine’s Day on purpose. It just sort of happened that way. (Forever alone).

The original: Johnny Cash version: It’s impossible to say which of these versions I like better. The 50s echo on the Marty Robbins version makes his version sound more ghostly. Johnny Cash’s broken down, craggy voice reminds me of an old ranger retelling his life on his deathbed. Either way it’s one helluva song.