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Either they’re high, or they really love playing their music. I hope it’s the latter.

I know it’s about AIDS, but I listen to this song when I feel melancholy about unrequited loves of the past. It’s odd, I can’t usually get to into love songs written by straight artists, but the autumnal sadness of Pet Shop Boys often nails what I’m feeling lovewise. Proof that great art is not […]

This is The Orb’s finest moment, and one of my favorite ambient tracks. Usually I hate having beats with my ambient, but this is an exception. The Orb is a really amazing group and this is their finest moment. A 20 minute track that takes as long to say as it does to listen to […]

I could be a scrooge and mention any number of 80s and 90s indie rock bands Yuck reminds me of. Or I could just shut up and enjoy the music. Think I’ll do that.