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It’s 8-3-11, kids. What happened? I’m still asleep. Are we all still here? Have our minds been blown? I know, I know, I know… it was revealed a week early. I just like to remember when I was still excited about the reveal…

This was originally scheduled for July 24, but with the passing of Amy Winehouse I moved this to today. I’m loving Cults. I think we’d all be better if we got out a bit more, but not until summer is over. It’s too damn hot!

Well, I’ve finally seen the K-On anime and I’m in love. It’s super cute, funny and strangely uplifting. Here are two versions of a great original song from the series, which translate to “brush pen, ballpoint pen” Cute. The Mio version The Yui version. I like this version better, mainly because Yui is mai waifu.

It’s hard to believe I haven’t had a Zooey-themed month yet. I mean, maybe it was too obvious, but dude, it’s ZOOEY TIEM!