Wow, can it really have been over 3 weeks since I last posted these? Yes, it can. But I’d like to get more of these in. But it’ll have to wait until after my vacation.
Bizarre street scenes out of China
Metro cans French music after complaints
FBI says “mullet bandit” holds up another bank
Phone app tells tales on murderer
Police hunt for “Goldilocks”
Horse herpes outbreak forces rodeo queens to ride sick ponies
No Good Humor in Frosty Pa. Frozen Treat Feud
Judge won’t dismiss case against woman accused of throwing fatal punch in $5 bet
$1M Coin Collection Scattered Along I-95
San Francisco healer arrested on suspicion of selling pills containing toad venom
Rockledge boy, 10, wrangles 6-foot alligator
Suicide kit seller asks: ‘Do I look like a criminal?’
Weird fact of the day: You can’t cry in space
Four Planets Align Near Moon on Memorial Day Weekend
Mother cat hugs baby kitten The cutest thing evah!

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