Hey kids, almost May! I included a bit more than usual to make up for yesterday’s anemic output:

Complaints end golfish racing at Wash bar
Nine surprising uses for beer
Lightning strikes near shuttle on launch pad
NASA’s stereo planet finder
5 facts about NASA’s Voyager spacecraft
Feds sting Amish farmers for selling raw milk Your tax dollars at work, America
Superman renounces US citizenship All the smart kids liked Batman anyway
Armadillos pass leprosy to humans
Leaking home dials 911 for help That’s one smart house
Man dressed as cow steals 26 galls on milk
Clayton teacher strips at school, arrested
Limp Bizkit led to fatal fight
Rotting fish dumping an act of revenge
Man lived with woman’s corpse in Santa Cruz apartment
Driver survives 200-foot plunge off South Rim
Man shot to death after fender bender
Dozens of dead and starving llamas found
Woman’s online ‘boyfriend’ revealed as housewife

Until next time!