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Yup! Until I find something I like better (not bloody likely), I’m keeping this one. Forever and ever. Ha ha ha… But, seriously, it’s the best theme I’ve found.   update: Awwww, yeah! Now that I have a more customized banner image, I think I shall keep this a good while longer. For the curious, […]

Awwww, this month’s final song from Fables. It’s a gooder. Somehow the advice of “When you greet a stranger/look at his shoes” had somewhat deadly implications in the later 80s. Or maybe I’m the only one who remembers those stories.

Standard disclaimer applies: I didn’t draw these. They were found on 4chan’s /c/ etc Click to embiggen

Got a nice long list for yer today! April 29th next-to-last Shuttle launch MLB to run Dodgers The world’s most complicated Rube Goldberg Machine Shortwave weekly propagation forecast bulletin Police frees woman from jaws of python Camel meat could be next Australian export Oh those whacky Australians! German circus family in shoot-out over tent space […]