Got a nice long list for yer today!

April 29th next-to-last Shuttle launch
MLB to run Dodgers

The world’s most complicated Rube Goldberg Machine
Shortwave weekly propagation forecast bulletin

Police frees woman from jaws of python
Camel meat could be next Australian export Oh those whacky Australians!
German circus family in shoot-out over tent space Oh those whacky Germans!
One of the strangest balks in MLB history
New radio waves detect alien planets
Alien in Siberia video a fake DUH
A painfully hilarious way to go
Canadian authorities make arrest in webcam murder Oh those whacky Canadians!
DOJ shutters ‘obscenity’ task force This is one thing I’ll give Obama credit for…
Australian politician busted for CP Gary Glitter has competition now

Well, until later…