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Any time of the day is a good time for Zooey time!

Good song, and the video makes me want to visit Spain for some unknown reason…

Just so everybody knows, this song will be played at my funeral. I far prefer the older Aphex Twin sound to the later, aggressive stuff. Most people don’t think of beauty when they think of AFX, but the ambient albums have some of the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard.



This is the non-retard version of the popular bumper sticker you see on far too many cars these days. “If God made man, Sam Colt made him equal.”

One of the few Fiery Furnaces songs I like. And I really like this song. One of the cleverest uses of Amazing Grace ever. And the girl in this video is really cute.

One of the best parts of the internet is when attractive college girls post pictures of themselves online. One of my favorites calls herself “Sister Chan,” though I’m not sure why. I’m an only child, so I have no guilt in feeling attracted to her. [oops, didn’t mean to put these under the jump]

Given her history, I predict Eve Ensler will make Patricia Dye the heroine of her next play. An Ohio woman who posed as a teenage boy and convinced a 16-year-old girl to run away with her was sentenced Wednesday to six months in jail. Because Patricia Dye, 31, of Franklin, has already spent more than […]