Last night I dreamt I was staying at a hotel in a foreign city. In the distance I could see an amusement park, the pirate ship to be exact. Except it was one of those that went all the way upside down.

Anyway, the strange thing about it was before the ride ended, one random person would be ejected from their seat, to fly across the park.

I was terrified of this, being a smart man, but my idiot cousin was there and just HAD to ride it. He called me a pussy and a pansy along with a few other words because I’d not ride it, but I didn’t want to take the chance I’d fly across the park, only to land on concrete.

But as I watched close up from the sidelines, I noticed that the people flying through the air was only a projected image. In reality the rider would “only” fall from the ride onto mats below the ride.

Of course, this could still kill you, so I didn’t get on, and sadly my cousin wasn’t the one to fall. After the ride he seemed more upset than I did.