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Happy Easter! Due to the limitation of the internet and certain laws of physics, I cannot physically place candy on this site. But I can put this video here: The video quality is rather poor but at least the audio sounds good.

I never wanted to like this band. Not back in ’98 when college station played them. Especially not after the album cover became a meme of sorts on /mu/ But here I am posting one of their songs. The accordion saves the song. And I love this video. The super literal way he interpreted the […]

One of the unsung band of the 90s. Sold as a shoegaze band, but I always thought they had a lot more in common with Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth and a healthy dose of MC 5. Why this band never hit it huge in America, I’ll never know. OK, I do, bad marketing. I’ll take […]

As if I could choose anything else. The new She & Him album came out today, and Amazon delivered (as usual) the day of the release. I am giving it my first listen right now (I was good and didn’t download it illegally even though I pre-ordered it a few months ago), and it’s really, […]

In an attempt to artificially inflate my post count (and avoid angry political blogging), I want to start two new features. This one, called “Song of the Day” and maybe a second one called “Eye Candy of the Day.” Tomorrow the two will overlap, and if you look at tomorrow’s new release schedule, you will […]

Since I either bought or downloaded (legit, of course) a lot of good music this year, I thought I would let you kids know what I have been digging this year. Here are the ten best, in alphabetical order, albums that I heard this year. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Take Them On On Your […]