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It’s hard to believe I haven’t had a Zooey-themed month yet. I mean, maybe it was too obvious, but dude, it’s ZOOEY TIEM!

Any time of the day is a good time for Zooey time!

I really should rename this the “song of the day and daily Zooey” blog, eh?

Yes, it’s Zooey time! My (overly long) vacation starts today. If you actually leave a comment, it’ll be two weeks before I can answer it.

It’s Saturday. I should be in bed dreaming chaste dreams of Zooey, but instead I’m in a car going to Michigan. So, since I can’t be at home right now, it’s Zooey time in the virtual world.


As if I could choose anything else. The new She & Him album came out today, and Amazon delivered (as usual) the day of the release. I am giving it my first listen right now (I was good and didn’t download it illegally even though I pre-ordered it a few months ago), and it’s really, […]