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First we had Cults, now we have Churches. I’m not sure why indie pop bands of the 2010s are borrowing band names from the 80s and simply making them plural. Both Cults and Churches have female lead singers, so I’ll blame the women.

Makoto was made in Japan…  

I hope Merle writes his autobio before it’s too late. His life would be 1,000 times more interesting than the flash in the pan TV stars writing about their lives.

I guess this song sums up the “twee as fuck” ethos better than most others.  Her voice is really great and I love the horns.

I don’t really consider Taylor Swift to be country (and I doubt she does either after her last album), but she is probably the best pop singer around, and Red is one of this year’s best albums. And this sounds like classic U2 without Bono’s sanctimony. Can’t beat that.

This picture is kind of a headtrip. Are there two Makotos getting married? And is this a straight wedding or a yuri one?

Along with George Strait and Alan Jackson, Toby Keith is the best modern day country singer. Steve Earle doesn’t even come close.