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Fans sometimes complain when their favorite band changes sounds. But THIS… My Bloody Valentine, might have been the most radical shift of all. I sometimes wonder how many fans of Loveless realize how MBV sounded back in the mid 80s. To me, it’s all good.

Can you fairly call Air and electronic band? It’s probably what they’re most famous for, but to me their music sounds far too organic. But who cares about genres, they’re just fucking great. 10 000 Hz Legend was a jolt after Moon Safari. Some people didn’t like it. At the time I didn’t myself. I […]

It is May 14th, a Friday. It’s been almost two months since I left the Switchblade Sweeties social networking/art pic web site. Despite three auto-generated emails, I know for a fact that Sissy Switchblade does not miss me. Also, I know for a fact that she has horrible math skills. I was offered a year’s […]

Along with Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada is one of the few modern “electronic” groops I care to listen to. A lot of it has to do with the music. The other has to do with the aura (or stigma, ymmv) surrounding the group. No normal person truly believes they’re Satanists or followers of David […]

Beautiful video for a beautiful song. I almost want to stop making music (if you can call it that) because it’s superfluous when Richard D. James does it so well. But, with the exception of Boards of Canada, I feel the same way about most electronic music.

I know… I couldn’t have picked a more cliched choice for a Fugazi song, but, damn… DAT BASS!

This is pretty much perfect…

I’m posting the song, not the video, because the music video chopped off most of the beginning. This is probably my favorite song from 1991’s best album Bandwagonesque. Nirvana and Pearl Jam only wish they were this good…

And today I present Scratching Post! Great band. Way back when (like, say, 13 or so years ago) I briefly corresponded through email with Nicole Hughes. She was a really cool person. Sadly the band never got signed Stateside and stayed a Canadian sensation. Scratching Post was especially a breath of fresh air considering that […]

Song #6a and $#6b for Canada Week. While America suffered through a dozen Nirvana clones, Canada had a slew of great power pop bands. Sure, we had them Stateside, but try getting played here in that era. Hell, try getting played here now. I had a subscription to MuchMusic through DirecTV back in the day […]