I was back on the old campus this evening for a special meeting. I was immediately struck by two things:

1) It looks like the university FINALLY hired a landscaper that could get the grass to grow right. No patches of brown anywhere to be seen, and so thick and luxurious!

2) The English teachers still like to put their giant bumper stickers on their office windows so everybody who walks by can see their “progressive” beliefs displayed like a billboard. Ho hum. Of course it’s their right, but since leaving the campus for the real world I’m more convinced than ever that most college humanities professors are no more mature than the students they teach. To be fair, it’s the only thing they can do with their degree, but the allure of having hundreds of mush brained teens who they can turn into their clones has to be an orgasm to their dictatorial ways.

It’s funny, the most “liberal” teacher I had was the one that would freak out when students displayed any independent thought that pushed up against her Marxist/radical feminist leanings. To her, any idea was right, so as long as it was radical and advocated the destruction of capitalism, or confirmed her victim status as a poor, put-upon woman. Anything else meant you were “brainwashed by talk radio.” Maybe she was brainwashed too. Needless to say I kept my fucking mouth shut a lot in her classes.

I heard a saying once that Christians are the #1 reason why Atheists exist. Well, I guarantee the #1 reason you have a lot of angry young conservatives out there is because of douche bag “progressive” professors. Sweet Jaaaaaaaysussssss Wept All Mighty I hope I don’t run into her when I start taking courses again. I can tolerate most of the others, but not her. No way. And I have too much of a spine now to keep my fucking mouth shut this time.