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As the title says, not safe for work. Unless you work in a really cool workplace. Of course, when today’s eye candy is the classic Bettie Page, your boss should make an exception. I think 50-some years now turns smut to art, yes? And Bettie was always art. Anyway, pics below the fold.

Yeah, baby! Olivia Wilde (whoever she is) is really beautiful.

It’s Saturday. I should be in bed dreaming chaste dreams of Zooey, but instead I’m in a car going to Michigan. So, since I can’t be at home right now, it’s Zooey time in the virtual world.

Evangeline Lilly was one of many reasons to keep watching Lost. I hope she has more projects coming soon.

I am so crushing on this girl it ain’t funny. It’s a nice to see a ginger who appreciates her freckles. I loves me some girls with freckles. Oh, and this is my first time hearing of rat king. Let me google… and… eh, I’ve seen worse. Much worse.


It’s been a while since I’ve done this. To get the thumbnails and all, I have to go into WordPress, and that’s kind of a pain. But I care because you do! And the eye candy of the day is from Hayley Williams, singer of Paramore. She’s got a great voice and is a beautiful […]

I’m a sucker for a redhead, especially one that can sing.

For those who don’t know, yuri is Japanese for lilly. But what it really means is “womanly love,” or as we Americans like to say, “hot girl-on-girl action.”

So, she’s married to a douche bag. A talented douche bag, but a douche bag none the less. And, she’s kind of sanctimonious, but really, who doesn’t want Angelina Jolie? I sense a pattern. In fact, I’m calling that last one “subtlety is what I aim for”

I really need to start watching Mad Men (or catch up on it, rather). I keep hearing so many good things about it, but a big reason has to be to see Christina Hendricks. In the age where Hollywood women are so tiny, it’s nice to see a girl with some curves. Especially one who […]

Holy shit, I almost forgot this! I almost feel like I’m repeating myself here because Katy Perry kind of looks familiar, no? Maybe, kinda, sorta.

As if I could choose anything else. The new She & Him album came out today, and Amazon delivered (as usual) the day of the release. I am giving it my first listen right now (I was good and didn’t download it illegally even though I pre-ordered it a few months ago), and it’s really, […]

Let’s see… a hot, brainy redhead who loves to blow up shit? I think Kari Byron is a great candidate for Mrs. Ratan X.