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This picture is kind of a headtrip. Are there two Makotos getting married? And is this a straight wedding or a yuri one?

A month of my beloved Makoto. It goes without saying that I love tomboys and gamines, and she’s easily my favorite in the world of anime.

Yes, I love tomboys…

I like girls in suits. Cute girls in suits anyway. Ellen Page more than fits the bill.

Yup, another pic of Inami. She even acts a bit like Fiona… In case you have forgotten, click pic to imbiggen…

And she looks good! Actually, this is Inami Mahiru from the anime “Working!!” And this is how I always imagined Fiona looking, more or less. Now you know… and knowing is half the battle!

And this is a test of the new server’s set up. I shall return in December with more music and pictures!

This is foreshadowing. Expect to see a lot of cartoons in December. That is all, for now.