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ratan is not amused

Is it any real wonder how George Strait has had about 70 #1 hits?

Yes, another beautiful ballad by Pavement. While I do prefer the lo-fi noise pop of early days, the older I get the more I appreciate this kind of stuff. 

Any time of the day is a good time for David Bowie.

All 9 minutes of this classic Velvets track. The music bares a strong resemblance to The Doors.

It’s 12/12/12 today! The last time that will ever happen in my lifetime. We should have a 13th month. That would be cool.

Yes, I’ve used the following one before. But I love it too much not to use it again.

I can’t speak for anybody else, but I for one really love these neo-new wave bands/singers. Hannah Georgas is Canadian, it seems, and this song is pure bliss. I love how mellow and laid back it is.

It’s a shame this guy hasn’t made music in almost 20 years. Back in my AOL days (circa late 1994) I used to annoy the living hell out of people in chat rooms hyping up One Step Ahead of the Spider. Most people probably thought i was a paid A&R guy from the record label, but I was merely a fan.

But this was the first song I heard by him four years earlier. Still sounds good today. And Shirley Maclaine is kinda hot, no (though I’m pretty sure that isn’t really her)? Also, I’m probably the one old enough to get that joke.


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I wanted to post the title track to their latest ep (it’s 13 minutes of pure perfection), but YouTube didn’t have it, so I’ll post this single instead: